Press Release

How to become an online Multi-Millionaire in less then 2 years!


June 28, 2018

Cancun, Mex., June 28/New York Times/ –

I’m sitting on the back patio/pool area of the Hard Rock Cafe in beautiful Cancun, Mexico waiting to interview Mare Petrelli before this weekends big event, that will be honoring her for all her efforts, support & her systems for helping others to make money online. I relax while watching the beautiful, calm, turquoise blue Caribbean ocean waves gently move in & out across the glistening white sand beach.


This is Ms. Petrelli’s first event & it looks like its going to be huge! Ms. Petrelli became a multi-millionaire in under 2 short years helping others make money online & has automated the whole process. She’s helped many, many thousands of people with her automated systems to also become financially free. & I’m interviewing her today to find out how she did it.

My name is John Walsh, from the New York Times & I will be interviewing Ms. Petrelli today. Speaking of, she is on her way over now. & wow, does she look amazingly beautiful in her black beach dress & long blonde hair. I never imagined someone so nice, smart & talented would also be so beautiful too!

Ms. Petrelli walks over to me and says, “Hello Mr. Walsh, its a pleasure to meet you!” She says with a big warm smile. I smile & reply “Yes, very nice to meet you too Ms. Petrelli. This is a beautiful place”. She replies, “Yes, very beautiful!  But please call me Mare. Ms. Petrelli makes me feel old. & I feel anything but old, most of the time.” She replies as we both giggle a little & sit down on the comfortable chairs overlooking the hotel pools, beautiful ocean & beach.


May we start the interview?” I nervously ask while overtaken by her beautiful smile & her charm. “Sure, whenever you’re ready.” She replies.

So, tell me, how did you become a multi-millionaire in such a short time?” “how did you do it?” I asked. Mare replied, “Well, at first, I didn’t have the slightest clue how or what I was going to do.” She said as she smiled & then continued on to say, “I actually did it a couple ways. I started with recruiting for a couple programs online.  Then I got involved with crypto-currencies(Bitcoin & a couple others).  & they’re really hot right now!  And that’s when things really took off.  I created systems & then I automated them, so it makes everything really easy.”


So, how did you figure it all out?” I asked. She said “It took a little while to figure it all out.  First, I did research to create the system, then I did a lot of testing & tweaking.  Then I used the system myself for a while to make sure it all worked right.”

She went on to say, “I knew I wanted to help a lot of people but at the same time make a lot of money. But I didn’t want the cost to be expensive. Because, like myself, I didn’t have a lot of money getting started. And I know a lot of other people don’t either.  So I know what its like.” 


So you had built quite a following or rather a huge tribe of people?” I asked. Mare replied, “Yes, I was shocked at how fast they were joining! I didn’t realize that a lot of people really just want to basically have their hand held. They where more or less looking for someone to guide & help them. Which I really love doing! So it worked out great!” she said.


I asked her, “But, you didn’t make your millions just leading those people(or holding their hands), did you?” She replied, “No, not then, you’re right. Although I made some good money before, when I was recruiting for other programs, I didn’t make millions yet. As time went on & those other programs started to fizzle out, I kept thinking, there has to be a better way, that we all can make more money, a lot more money!”

She continued, “This is when I had really gotten into crypto-currencies.  I came up with an idea.  Then, I decided to create a system & then I automated it.  I asked my tribe if they would be interested in it.  And they all went crazy for it!  And they have been using my systems ever since.”


She continued on to say, “I gotta tell you, they are a great group of people. They are so nice, patient & very loyal to me.  Then the one system led to another & another. Better & better ones.  And everyone just loved all of them.  Which I’m so glad!”

Wow, I said, “So, you basically created something out of thin air, that runs on its own, put it out there & tons of people went crazy over it & bought it?” “I guess you could say that.” She said. “But there was more involved then just that. And you have to treat your people or tribe right. I really care about the people who have joined my systems & I treat them with the utmost respect.”


So that must be why everyone just loves you then?” I said to her. Mare blushes & replies “Well, I don’t know about that!”  Then, I said, “There are thousands of thousands of people that have come here to Cancun just to see & meet you in person & hear you speak. That says a lot! & honestly, I would be the same way if you had helped me make a lot of money too!”

Mare replied “You’re saying everyone has come here to meet me. But I’ve been looking forward to this event so I could meet them. I chose this place since I knew everyone would just love it & would really enjoy themselves.”


I said, “So, I was told you bought your dream home(paid in full), correct?” Mare nods her head and replies, “yes & its just like I always thought it would be!”  I asked her if she could tell me about it.  Mare replied, “I’d love to … its a beautiful, secure, split level, 4 bedroom home.  Its brand new, they just built it. So I was able to pick out all of the flooring, the paint for each room, all of the counter tops & everything for the kitchen & even the lighting throughout the home & of course all the furniture. It was a lot of fun picking everything out & decorating the whole house just the way I wanted it!”


She went on, “It has an open floor plan which makes it seem like there’s a lot of space, which I love!  The master bedroom is huge! & my own private bathroom off of the master bedroom is big & its so awesome.  One of the bedrooms I converted into my office. There’s a lot of room in it, too.  As do all the rooms.”

She continued, “Out back off the first floor, there’s a nice covered patio/seating area connected to the house. There’s a fireplace near the seating area which is nice at night along with the lit tiki torches that line the yard. Its nice & private & secure.  Off the patio there’s a heated pool & hot tub.  And a beautiful view that looks out beyond the yard. Its super beautiful!” she said. “Wow! It does sound very nice!” I replied.


So.” I said, “Now for the most pressing question. Do you think your systems would help me make money online?” “Sure.” She said. She explained to me how everything worked & gave me some information and then she said, “you can sign up whenever you feel you’re ready.” “Great!” I replied. “I’ll sign up just as soon as I get to my room. I was so excited!”


Mare invited me to the big event happening that weekend at the hotel & of course I accepted & went. It was absolutely amazing!  The food was delicious & everyone had a great time!  All of the people there were SO nice.  And they were all happy, too.  I guess since they were making good money online from Mare’s systems.

Even though Cancun is a beautiful place, that I wish I didn’t have to leave. Just as soon as I get back home I will be diving in deeper into Mare’s system & see just how well it works!


*Update! I’m happy to report that I’ve been using Mare’s system & I’m doing really well. Much better then I really thought I would. & This is only using it for a little over a month now. I’m so glad I was able to interview Mare Petrelli.  I had a great time in Cancun!  & I’m on a new path now & I’m loving it!  But I really owe it all to Mare Pertrelli & her automated system!  Thank you again, Mare!