24th Week Master Key Exp.


I can’t believe we’re at the end of the class already.  Wow!  That time went really quick.  Well all time has been going really fast the past few years.  My Mom always said, the older you get the faster time goes.  Boy, is she right.  Although, I just cant see time going any faster.  It goes way to fast as it is.  I sure wish it would slow down some.

I just can’t believe its been over 6 months since we started the class & now its just about over.  Thinking back, that time went really fast.  Some times it seems that when you’re going through something, time goes slow or slower.  But looking back now, that time went really fast.  But I guess as you get older & have more responsibilities & more going on, that makes the time go faster too.  It just seems like I don’t have enough time to get everything done any more.  But I keep trying!


Any way, with this being the last week/class, I was kind of thinking there would be some big ending.  That everything would come together and I would have this big “ah ha” moment.  But it didn’t really end that way.  I’ve been saying all along that maybe there is something I’m just not getting or something I’m missing.  Well, I was thinking that maybe I’d get it or find that missing piece in this last chapter.

Sadly to say, I didn’t really.  Or at least I didn’t have that big “ah ha” moment I thought I might.  I’ve been thinking the same thing through this whole time.  I guess I have been getting what the chapters have been talking about.  And having some experience with the Master Keys(although I think it might have been called something else then, but same concept), I thought taking this class I’d have this really big “ah ha” moment or moments & really “get it”.  Although that didn’t really happen for me.



Don’t get me wrong, I have learned a good bit from this class.  But the things I learned are a little different then what I thought it would have been.  & it was a lot of repetition.  Although, maybe said or given to us in a different way.  I also think that the Master Keys needs to be updated/rewritten to today’s version or today’s English, to make it a little easier to understand.  I mean, its not in a foreign language or anything.  Its just written back a few centuries ago.  I think if its updated into today’s modern English, it would make it a little easier to understand.

Again, for this last chapter, it was basically a loose review of the whole course.  To think positive.  That we are creative, spiritual beings.  To think & search the “truth”.    That we bring into our lives what we think about.  That things are created in the mind before they’re created in the material world.


Again, I’ve had a little experience with these teachings before.  So, I’ve been putting them into practice, to think positive & think about that which we wish to create in our lives.  But as of yet(for the past 5 years or so), nothing really has happened.  So again, I don’t know if I’m missing something or if I’m not quite getting something or not quite understanding something.

I know all these little sayings I have here are true.   & I believe I understand what this whole class is about.  But I still feel like there’s something missing or that I’m not getting or understanding.  Either way, I’ll still keep searching, thinking & hoping that one day(hopefully soon) I either realize it or I come across it or I “get it” or understand it better.  So that I can apply it better & hopefully then things will start to happen as I wish them to happen.


I appreciate you taking the time to read my posts & commenting!  I am hoping to continue to post here.  & I hope you will keep in touch!

Wishing you a life of whatever your heart desires!   Happy journey!!!





2 thoughts on “24th Week Master Key Exp.

  1. I Think that when the day comes and you will have an ah ha moment, it will not be over something that you expected to be, or something that you can Think of today. But it will be fantastic!
    I wish you a great lifejourney!


    1. Thank you very much Monica! I really appreciate you taking the time to read my posts & commenting, thank you! Ya, I’m sure if I ever do have that ah ha moment, it’ll probably be something totally different then what I’m thinking. Funny how things seem to work that way. 🙂 Its still been a great class! & awesome getting to know some of the people. Hoping to keep connections. & wishing you the best in whatever you do! Thanks again!!!


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