22-A Week Master Key Exp.


This week was what they call an “off” week.  There wasn’t a class webinar.  Although Mark still had a meeting & just went over somethings.  I hadn’t been receiving the emails to sign up for the class webinars the past several weeks.  Fortunately, I just found out there is a link in the training site.

However, they didn’t change the link for this past week.  I’m guessing since it was an “off” link.  So I had to wait until they put up the replay.  There wasn’t a read, workbook & notes for this week.  Although there was a printout they called the workbook.  It just went over what we’re to continue doing.  & there was a reading called “Self Reliance” by Ralph Waldo Emerson.


Someone had told me that you can find each weeks lessons on youtube.com where someone is reading the “Read” part of the lesson.  I really like that.  I like to read it myself.  But I also like to listen to someone else reading it because some times some of the words or wording doesn’t make much sense to me.  But when someone else is reading it, some times it will make better sense to me.  Wish I knew about this sooner.  But better late then never, right?

Being this was an “off” week, I’m going to keep it short.  I hope you are having a great week.  & I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!


One thought on “22-A Week Master Key Exp.

  1. Hi Mare!
    I am not sure you find the lessons at Youtube but you do find them under “Master Key Audios” here in the Training Solutions area.
    I wish you a great week 23!


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