22nd Week Master Key Exp.


I can’t believe its the end of February.  Or well, probably by the time I finish this it will be the beginning of March.  & I think we only have a few weeks of class left.  Wow, that really went fast.

I remember when we started the class how frazzled I was with all the work we had to do.  I really wasn’t expecting that.  I thought we’d ease into it a little slower.  I’m sure glad things have slowed down a little bit.  Well, the class work hasn’t really slowed down.  But its become more of a routine that I’m more used to now.  & Once I had my DMP finished, that really helped a lot.


This week the lesson starts with Knowledge being a priceless value.  & how everything is a certain vibration.  That when most of us are using this vibration we are unconscious of it & therefore we get undesirable results.  Change the rate of vibration and you’ll change the out come.

It goes into talking about how our thought controls every part of our bodies.  When we’re sad, we cry, without even thinking about it, it just happens.  When we’re hot, we start to sweat, again it just happens without us telling our bodies to do it.  When you get a cut or wound, the body heals itself.  This all happens unconsciously.


We shall always find the cause in the “world within”.  By changing the cause, we change the effect.  Every cell in your body is intelligent and will respond to our direction. The cells are all creators & will create the exact pattern which we give them.

For our exercise this week, we are to concentrate on Tennyson’s lines, which are, “Speak to Him, thou, for He hears & spirit with spirit can meet, Closer is He than breathing & nearer than hands and feet.” Then try to realize that when you do “Speak to Him” you are in touch with Omnipotence.

I hope you are having a great week & have an awesome weekend!




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