19th Week Master Key Training


We are on our 19th week with the Master Keys now.  I can’t believe it.  Time has gone SO fast(as I’ve mentioned before).  Now that the holidays are over we’ve settled into more of a routine with the course, I’m hoping to be able to really get into this & make it work.  We didn’t have a webinar this week.  They call it a week off.  But really its only a week off for them since they don’t have to do the webinar.  We still have to do this next lesson.  So it really isn’t a week off.

When the course started it seemed(well it didn’t seem) there was & still is a lot of work to do for the class.  But I think because the holidays were coming up & the prep & planning for those combined with all the class work & everything else, it just seemed a little overwhelming.  But now that the holidays are over(for now any way), we should have a little more time to get the work done.


I got a little behind, but little by little I’m starting to get caught up.  So that makes me feel a little better too.  & now that I’m finally over that nasty flu(it seemed to hang on forever) & I’m starting to get my strength back, that helps too.  Although, the flu had turned into a cold & so I’m trying to kick that now.  But I still feel better then when I had the flu.  & I ended up having the flu twice.  But I think thats because I didn’t fully get over it the first time.  I didn’t rest & recoup like I should have.  But now I know better!


In this weeks lesson it starts by saying how we think things are opposites & that they are 2 different entities.  But really they make up a whole.  To have one, say dark then the opposite of that is light.  But both make a whole, light & dark.  We also hear of how things are ever changing.  How if we stand in the middle of a big city & look around that 100 years ago those buildings & technology weren’t there then.  & most likely most if not all won’t be there in another 100 years.  & how different everything will be then.  & it all changes because of the minds that put into action what they once imagined.

For our exercise this week we are to concentrate.  Really concentrate & become so absorbed in the object of your thought that you are conscious of nothing else.  To think about things like how the earth is not flat nor is it stationary, the stars are not small specks of light, the sun does not more nor is the sky a dome.  Silent thought is after all, the mightiest agent in human affairs.

I hope your having a great week!





4 thoughts on “19th Week Master Key Training

  1. Mare,

    What we think determines how we react to the holidays coming up. in the middle of the holidays then after the holidays. It is amazing how we let the holidays effect our schedule instead of us controlling it. Thanks for pointing that out.


    1. Thank you Pete for stopping by, reading my post & commenting! I really appreciate it. I know some times its hard to control the holidays. Some things are out of our hands. But I guess all we can do is just do the best we can. Thanks again! Wishing you much success & happiness!!!


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