17th Week Master Key Training(Hero’s Journey)


I just can’t believe its almost the end of January already & how fast time goes now.  A few years ago I was thinking how fast time was going then.  But now its going even faster.  I remember back when I was in school, how the time would just drag on & on.  Gosh, I wish time would drag on & on now.  🙂  I keep thinking time can’t go any faster.  & then it does.

I finally feel like this flu/cold thing is finally starting to go away.  & I’m slowly starting to feel better & get my strength back.  Its been since about the end of Nov/beginning of Dec when I first got sick.  I barely got over that & I came down with it all over again.  & I guess as you get older it takes a little more time to bounce back from being sick twice in a row.

My very kind guide(Cheryl) sent me some packets to help boost my immune system & help me to start feeling better.  I’m not positive, but I think it might be helping.  But, I also started eating a little better.  Not that I eat junk all of the time.  But with the holidays & everything going on, I wasn’t eating as healthy as I should have.  & not feeling good, I just didn’t have the energy to cook.  Plus, I don’t get much sleep at night(maybe 3-4 hours).  So recently since I got sick again, I started putting some things aside & getting a little more sleep/rest, too.  So I think maybe a combination of all of that, is finally helping me to get better.


I should have known I can only push my body so far before it breaks down.  With not getting much sleep, not eating right & so much going on & with the flu so wide spread, I should have taken a step back & did those things before.

But with the holidays so close & I hadn’t gotten any gifts yet & the work for this class & all the others things going on I had to put my attention to, I just pushed myself to much. I figured I’d slow down after the holidays.  But it was to late then, I got sick all over again. But, now I finally feel like I’m on my way back to being myself again.

This week I thought we would be on Lesson 18.  But instead, we are still on Lesson 17.  But another part of it called the Hero’s Journey”.  Which is our own journey to greatness.  To be a “Hero”.  Not in the sense that we have to go running into a burning building to see if we can save someone.  But to be our own “Hero” by having the courage to do what it takes, to become what or who we want.

We were to review certain past chapters & then one of our choosing.  & of course, continue with the other usual things we’ve been doing(index cards, sits, readings of Og, BPB, DMP & lessons, etc.).  We also learned that part of us must die(our old self/our old blue print) to be reborn into becoming who we want to be.  Kind of like a caterpillar that grows wings, so it then can fly.

Hoping that you will be your own “Hero” on your journey through life!



2 thoughts on “17th Week Master Key Training(Hero’s Journey)

    1. Thank you very much, Monica! Yep, it sure is true. & I had to go & find out the hard way. But I guess, live. learn & grow. & hopefully do better the next time(learning from our mistakes). Thanks again! Wishing you a world full of success & happiness!


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