16th Week Master Key Training


So we’re over half way through the class now.  Gosh, that time went really fast.  I’m still a little behind but slowly catching up.  I’m caught up with the lessons & have done most of the reads, sits, index cards, etc.  But I still haven’t had a chance to make my movie poster/vision board.  Or put a shape on the gratitude cards yet.  & I’m a few days behind on adding gratitude cards.

This week we’re to do & see acts of kindness, without getting caught or others knowing, & we’re to post them in the Mastermind group.  Although, not getting caught isn’t always easy.  If we get to 4,000 comments of kindness then Mark will go out & hug a bunch of people he doesn’t know.  If we double that, he’ll double the amount of hugs.  About half way through, there are A LOT of comments there already.  We’re supposed to add at least 1 comment there a day.


The other day I was at Aldi’s.  Its a discount grocery store here.  You have to bring your own bags or buy them at the store.  I was in line to check out & a lady with a full cart of groceries was in front of me putting her items up on the belt to be checked out.  I noticed she had her arm in a sling & was taking 1 item at a time out.  So I just started helping her.  I told her that I’d just put it all up for her because she looked really tired.

I asked her what happened to her arm.  She said she just had her shoulder replaced.  Ouch!  The check out lady scanned her items & placed them all back into another cart singly since she didn’t have any bags.  I only had a couple things, so I checked out pretty quick.   When I walked outside to put my things into my car, I seen her at her car again taking 1 item at a time & putting it into her trunk.  So I went over & helped again.


She had  some reusable bags in her trunk so.  I put the groceries into those for her.  Then I took her cart back up for her.  She kept thanking me & saying “bless you”.  She was really sweet.  It probably only took maybe 15 minutes of my time.  But I felt SO good after helping her.  This isn’t a 1 time thing for me.  I always try to help when I can.  So this kindness” week fits right in for me.

This week we learn in the reading that the power to create depends upon 3 steps, idealization, visualization & materialization, all spiritual powers.  That thought precedes & determines our action.  To control thought is to control circumstances, conditions, environment, and destiny.  So it goes back to the saying, what the mind conceives & believes, it can achieve.

I hope you are having a wonderful week!

& Remember, its kindness week.  Be kind!




5 thoughts on “16th Week Master Key Training

    1. Aww! Thank you very much Monica! I’m glad it made you smile. We can never give enough smiles! I love to see other people smiling. 🙂


    1. Thank you very much!!! I appreciate you taking the time to read my post & writing a comment. I just love helping others when I can. Some times I think it makes me feel better helping them then it does to them. 🙂


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