15th Week Master Key Training


Its back to a regular schedule or routine now that the holidays are over.  Some how I missed a week.  I thought we were on the 14th week.  But we’re actually on the 15th week.  I think I missed the week between Christmas & New Years.  Since we didn’t have a class webinar that week & I was sick(still am), I think it threw me all off.

The past few weeks has been exceptionally cold/freezing here.  But we haven’t gotten much snow.  Only a couple inches the past few weeks.  I think its been to cold to snow.  Quite a few days were just in the single digits, going below 0 at night.  Most days have been in the lower to mid teens & around 0 at night.  There were a couple storms that just missed us.  That seems to be the case here the past 7-8 years or so.


I’ve been wanting a BIG snow(a foot or 2 of snow).  I just love when everything shuts down for a day or 2.  When you can stay in your pj’s & not have to worry about going out(hibernate) for a couple days.  I could just sit & watch the snow fall for hours(if I had the time).  Its just so peaceful & pretty.  I love the blanket of white over everything.  I think it brightens it up outside.  & it makes everything less noisy.  Until the plows come around.

We haven’t gotten much snow the past 7-8 years or more.  It seems it either just barely misses us or its just a few degrees above freezing so we get rain instead(hate when that happens).  But the past few weeks have been extremely cold here.  When its that cold the clouds don’t hold moisture like when its warmer.

I hope your holidays were very nice!  I can’t believe they’re all over with now.  The last few months have gone SO fast.  As they usually do any more.  All the decorating, planning, prep, etc.  & Christmas day itself just flies by.  So now its time to take all the decorations down & get packed & put away until next year.  I probably leave my tree & decorations up a little longer then most, since my b-day is a week after New Years.  So I like to leave everything up until after that.

Having to take down all the decorations is always a depressing time for me, since I still love the holidays, especially Christmas.  I just love all the lights & decorations & what a magical time it seems to be.  & I love it even more when we get/or have some snow for Christmas(like we did this year).  Just makes it seem more like Christmas, for some reason.


For this week we are to think more about harmony.  And becoming more in harmony with the natural laws.  I have a general idea of what harmony is.  But to be sure I looked it up just to see if I could get a better understanding of it.  First I kept seeing harmony as in musical chords.  But as I looked further, its definition is the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.  Which still really doesn’t explain it to clearly.  I looked at the synonyms & it has, balance, symmetry, peaceful & flowing.  Those help make it a little more clear & understandable.

For the exercise we are to concentrate on “Insight”.  It means to have or get an accurate & deep understanding of someone or something.   It says to dwell on the fact that knowledge doesn’t apply itself.  But I think we already know that.  That the way to get ourselves to apply the knowledge is with a determined conscious effort.


I hope your having a great week!  & have a fabulous weekend!


6 thoughts on “15th Week Master Key Training

  1. Thank you for these words on harmony, this is helpful. When I focus on harmony, I view it as a feeling of wellbeing, of being in symbiose with my family, my friends, my life, and myself. So it is very much a warm feeling of wellbeing for me. However, I find it more tricky to understand how to concentrate on insight… I don’t really know how to do that…yet.

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    1. Hi Mailys! Thanks SO much for stopping by, reading my post & commenting. I agree with you. & that’s a good way to put it about harmony. A warm feeling of well being! Thanks! The way I see “insight” is an understanding or a great or deep understanding of something. I wasn’t to sure of it either, so I looked it up & that’s what it said. Hope that helps a little! Thanks again! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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    1. Thank you Monica! I appreciate you stopping by, reading & commenting! & Thank you for the get well wish too! I sure got it good this year. I guess I had it coming. Its been many many years(thankfully) since I’ve gotten really sick. Hoping this lasts me a good many more now. 🙂 Hope you stay well! Wishing you much success & happiness!!!


  2. Your body knows how to heal you to perfect health. Enjoy your time in your PJs while the East Coast shuts down. I can very much relate to your harmony & music comparison. When all the parts of the song come together it is so beautiful. Very nice thinking you’ve got going on.


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