14th Week Master Key Training – Happy New Year!!!


So we’re already just past half way through the class already.  As I’ve mentioned before, the time has been just flying by.  I can’t believe how fast the past year went.  The beginning of the year started out normal.  But as Spring & Summer came & went the time kept going faster & faster.  Then as soon as Fall hit & the holidays started, it just really flew then.  & so here we are at the start of another new year.

I hope everyone has a nice Christmas!  & I hope you have or had a nice New Year too!  I think this is the first year in a while that we actually had gotten a little snow that covered the grass for Christmas day.  It made it look & feel more like Christmas.  I love the snow(looking out at it from inside) but I hate the cold.  I love how the snow makes for a nice back drop for the Christmas lights outside on the houses.  It makes the lights stand out even more.

But with SO much going on/happening, this Christmas season came & went SO quick.  I really didn’t have time to enjoy it at all.  I was really late getting all the lights, tree & decorations up(so that shortened it).  & with so much happening, I didn’t even start Christmas shopping until about 4-5 days before Christmas.  Which didn’t leave me much time to shop & get everything packed & wrapped & under the tree.  I did get some pretty good deals waiting so close to Christmas to shop.  Although, I spent more than I really should have, not having much to spend to begin with.  But, everything was just so rushed & not really enjoyable at all this holiday season.

Christmas day itself goes so fast.  Before you know it, its over & done with.  Then New Years comes & goes.  & now its time to take everything down & put it away.  So nothings left but the memories.  Its so depressing when I have to take down all the lights & decorations, pack & put them away.  It makes me really sad.  I know other people look forward to getting everything down & put away.  But I just love the holiday season.  Its still magical some how to me.  I just wish it didn’t go SO fast.

In the Master Key Training we’re taught not to make New Years Resolutions since we usually don’t stick to them any way.  But to continue the mind building we’ve been doing, reading the scrolls, the weekly lessons, the Blue Print Builder, our DMP, the index cards, etc.  Adding to the cards, things we are grateful for(3 each day) & putting a color/shape with them.  So we link the colors/shapes with our goals in our DMP.  Its all about linking.  & the thought & feeling we put into it.  Or well, everything really.

This week in the Master Keys we are to concentrate deeply on Harmony.  To concentrate so deeply in our sit that we are conscious of nothing but Harmony.  We are reminded that it is in the practice of doing that we learn.  Its one thing to read to get information to learn something.  But we need to put that information we learned into action.  Which is true of a lot of things.  We can wish, hope & dream of anything.  But until we “do” something about it, nothing will change.  I just wish I knew what to “do”.

So for example, if we read how to make a recipe for a cake, it isn’t going to make itself.  We need to get up & get the ingredients, measure them, put them into a bowl, mix them, put them into a pan or dish & bake it on a certain temperature for a certain amount of time.  Following what the recipe tells us but actually doing the work to make it.  & I understand all of that.  I just wish I had a recipe that would tell me what I should do so I could make a lot of money online.   🙂

Any way, I hope you had/have a Happy New Year!  & I hope this whole year of 2018 & beyond is Very Happy, Healthy, Harmonious & Successful for you!  Happy New Year & New You!!!




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