12th Week Master Key Training


So its the middle of December already.  I’ve been falling behind on the class work & even further behind on my home/house work.  I don’t even have my Christmas decorations all up yet.  I finally just finished putting the lights up outside.  But now I still have the whole inside & tree to do.  Not sure when I’ll find the time to do that.  But with Christmas only about a week & a half away, I better get it done real soon,  some how.

As I said, I’m behind on the class work.  I’ve been trying to get caught up, but haven’t had much success lately.  With more & more work to do, it makes it harder to get the past work caught up.  But I’ll keep trying!


This week the reading seems to have more to do with the “laws”(law of attraction, law of growth, etc.).  Which some parts were a little confusing to me.  But not nearly as much as the read last week(week 11).  This weeks reading is about, the intention governs the attention.  & power comes through repose(tranquility, concentration).  Meaning that we need to take action & concentrate on what we’re thinking about.  & to think or concentrate in quiet.

The OG Scroll 3 reading, is about persisting until succeeding or “I will persist until I succeed”.   To not give up.  To keep trying no matter how long it takes.  To learn from our mistakes.  But to keep trying.  If something doesn’t work, go back to the drawing board & think of something else.  Then take action & try it.  Again, if it doesn’t work, try, try & try again.  You just never know when one of those tries will lead to success.  Hopefully sooner then later.  But you never know unless you try.

With this day & age of the internet we don’t have to think as hard as we used to.  Our good friend Google is right there just waiting to lend us a hand.  & there are other people out there we can connect with online(even if they’re on the other side of the world) who we can get help from.  However, just starting out & not knowing what to do doesn’t make it any easier to get started.  How can I get started when I don’t even know what to do yet?

I know I want to be able to do something online to be able to make good money.  But I’m just not sure what to do.  They say to do something you like or have a passion for.  But the thing is, is that I don’t really have any set thing I’d like to do(other than being online).  I’ve raised my kids for the past 30 some years & always put my attention towards them.  I never really had time for myself or to get involved in anything that I might like.

Lately I’ve been thinking on getting started in doing something with Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin.  Since its still fairly new & becoming more & more popular, I thought of getting into something to do with that.  But I’m not real sure what I could do with that.  I’m still pretty new & learning about it.  So, I’m still now sure what I could do.

I’m sure if there was something I could do that I’d make good money doing, I wouldn’t mind doing that at all.  If by chance you might have any suggestions of something I could do online where I could make good money doing it, I’m all ears.  & if by chance you might happen to have any suggestions on getting some help to get started, I’d very much like to hear that, too.  Thank you very much!

I hope you’re having a great week!!!



5 thoughts on “12th Week Master Key Training

  1. I can relate very much to what you are saying. I think sometimes we have been so out of touch on some parts of our lives that it is not easy to get that clear picture we would need. I find this week lesson very interesting for that, because it compells us to commit to get that picture clearer. I believe the answer for me, is in me, just as it is for you. I think this week’s sit is supposed to help us put us in a place where we can find that answer for ourselves.
    I hope this help.
    Thank you so much for sharing !


  2. Hey Mare, I can’t help with Bitcoin or any of the Crypto-currencies but I do know that you can’t be looking for things to make money and then see if you would like it or not. You DO need to find what you are passionate about and then all else follows. I believe that will happen by sitting as Hannel suggests daily and going within. Hang in there, tap into your inner self, and keep encouraging the process. “I will persist until I succeed”!!!


    1. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my post & writing a comment. I really appreciate it. You’re right, I completely agree. I really need to find what I’m passionate about. I do have several things but how do I explain this? I have more of a general knowledge of a bunch of things then a deep & specialized knowledge of just 1 or 2 things. But again, you’re right ….. I will persist until I succeed! Wishing you much happiness & success!


  3. Thank you for being transparent! Be kind to yourself! I totally relate in all you said. My best source of calm and clarity is in the SIT. It is a treat for me and I know it can be for you. Bravo for persevering! I am grateful for your blog!!! Blessings!


    1. Thank YOU Louise! I really appreciate you taking time to read my post & writing a comment. I agree, the SIT does help. But with SO much going on right now, I haven’t had the time to do them every day. Once the holidays are over, hopefully I’ll be able to get back to a more normal routine & get caught up. But Thank you again! Wishing you much happiness & success!


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