8th Week of Master Key Training


Yay! Yippeeee! Yahooooo! I’m SO excited this week. I just got word that my DMP is finally finished. Wooo hooo! I was starting to feel I’d never get it right. But what a relief. I’m really glad to get this news since I’ve fallen about a week behind on the class work.

Last week was really crazy with A LOT going on that I wasn’t really able to get much of the work done. In fact, I even missed the webinars. I just found out that I have to switch my blog over to word press. So now I have that to do too. But hopefully that won’t take to long to do.

With last week being such a crazy week & missing the webinars I didn’t get much of the work done. But I did keep up with the reading(except some of the chapter). I did do the sits, except a couple days that when I first got up & had to run out the door. So I did keep up with some of it. Oh, & I revised my DMP. & I still got a blog post in.

But I do need to get my vision board made & get caught up on finishing the last chapter & now this weeks chapter & exercises. But hopefully now that my DMP is out of the way, I’ll be able to get caught up. It just seemed like i was spending so much time on my DMP that I was starting to fall behind on everything else.

Also, in a couple nice comments that my guide & a couple other people made on my blog, I was told I was an inspiration. Wow! That really took me by surprise! Lil ole me an inspiration? hmmmm…. I think I need to let that one sink in a bit. I’m not really sure why they wrote that.

I know with having a lot on my plate right now its been a struggle keeping up. & until last week I was doing a pretty good job. But I’m kinda wondering why they are saying I’m an inspiration. Its a great feeling but I’m wondering why. Because the one person who wrote it doesn’t even know anything about me or my struggles. I’d love to be an inspiration to others but I’d also like to know why or how.

I hope your week is going good! & I hope you have a great weekend!


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