7th week of Master Key Training


So here we are in our 7th week already.  Boy, November came quick.  For some reason I still feel like it should only be the end of Aug or beginning of Sept.  Guess I’m really behind the times, huh? …  lol!

Time has just been going SO fast.  I guess since I’ve been really busy.  Lots going on.  & of course it seems even more things happened once I started this class.  Everything happens at once, it seems.

I missed most of the class webinar this Sunday since I had to take my car in for inspection that was due by the end of Oct.  Its now Nov. so I’m late.  It took longer getting it there & getting back home then I thought it would.  So I missed most of the webinar.  I’ve been watching the replay a little here & there.  Now I just have to finish watching it.

Right off the bat, the webinar starts with saying that we know more about our remotes then we do about our brains.  I can see that.  But thats really a shame.  All these gadgets that are coming out make things so much easier for us.  & while thats good, that’s also not so good.  To bad we couldn’t use a remote control to control our brains.  🙂   So time to learn more about my brain & how I can get it working/programmed to help me to become & to stay being successful!

I’m “still” working on my DMP.  I’ve been getting frustrated with it since its taking up SO much of my time.  & time is something I don’t have much of any more.  I’m really hoping I get this written correctly real soon.  Once I get that out of the way I know I’ll feel A LOT better.  One because I just don’t have the time.  But another because every time I read it I’m not sure if I’m putting the right things into my “subby”.  And that bothers me.

Some times I still have a hard time sitting still.  But I have gotten better.  With SO much going on its hard to sit so still.  I’ve still been doing the required reading & cards.  & I’m still working on my movie trailer & board since my DMP isn’t written correctly yet.

In our sits, we are to get a picture of a person & look at it, study it.  Then close our eyes & see the picture(as much as we can remember) in our minds.  I’ve actually been doing pretty good with this.  This has been about the easiest thing for me so far.  I hope things continue to keep getting easier since I struggled with so much in the beginning.

I hope your week is going good!!!


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