6th Week of Master Keys


We are in our 6th week already.  I just can’t believe how fast the time is going.  Probably because I’m even busier now with the work from the class on top of everything that was going on even before I started the class.

I’ve been keeping up with the majority of the work, reads & exercises.  But I’m spending a lot of time trying to get my DMP right … still.  I was really confused about writing it from the beginning.  But then watched the class video again & looked around online & got some ideas that I thought I had a better idea of what to do.  But yet I kept getting it back for more & more revisions.

I kept getting more & more frustrated every time I’d get it back since I kept thinking I was doing better.  But obviously wasn’t.  I finally had a chance to talk to my guide about it & I think I understand a little better now what I need to do with it.  But also I don’t think my guide knew where I was coming from writing it either.

So now that we both have a better understanding, I’m hoping my next revision is a lot better.  I just kept feeling like I was getting further & further away from what or how I should be writing it.  But hopefully now I’ll get back on the right path.  & hopefully will be able to get it written correctly since I’m not thrilled reading it not being right, since I don’t want to be putting the wrong things into my subconscious.  Plus its taking up so much time working on it.  I think once I finally get it written correctly, I’ll feel A LOT better!  & have more time too.

I hope you all had a nice Halloween!  I can’t believe its November already.  These past several months or so just flew by.  & now that the holidays are right around the corner, I’m sure it’ll go even faster.   Although, I’m not sure if time can go any faster then its been.


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