5th Week of Master Key


Time has just been going SO fast.  I can’t believe its the fifth week already.  This week we are to write a press release which plays off of our DMP.  Which I still can’t seem to get right.

I’m starting to get frustrated with my DMP.  Each time I revise it, I think I’m getting the hang of it & think I’m doing a lot better.  But then I get it back & its still pretty much all wrong.  I just don’t get how to do it.

I’m told its still vague.  I’m thinking because I don’t have a certain way that I know to make money or what my business is supposed to be yet.  But I thought that’s what the DMP was for?  So our subbi would help us manifest it.  I didn’t think we had to know how for the DMP.

I’ve put in the description/feeling words in every paragraph, which is only a couple sentences each.  Some even a couple in each.  But I’m still getting that its not enough.  And again a lot of the stuff I don’t know yet.   & I really have no way of knowing since it hasn’t happened yet.

I’m not sure if I’m just supposed to take a guess & come up with something?  But what if that’s not something I really want to be doing?  So that can’t be right.  I’m just getting pretty frustrated with it since I really don’t know what else to do with it.

So then I haven’t been able to write my movie trailer version on the index card, since I don’t feel secure enough with what I have on my DMP.  Since when I get it back there’s still a lot wrong with it.  So I don’t want to be putting the wrong things into my head or into subbi.

As far as the rest of the course, I’m finally getting into more of a routine & getting more of everything finished on time.  However there are still a couple things I’ve gotten a little behind on.  Especially this week with my father in law who just had a stroke.  I’ve been going into the hospital to help him eat since he can’t use his right side.  & he’s no good with his left hand.

I just hope I can get the hang of this DMP & get it written correctly.  Because that’s taking a lot of my time up.  If I could get that written right, that would free up some time so I can get some of the other things done.  I’m going to have to talk with my guide, real soon.  So i can get the help to get my DMP written correctly.

I barely made it with my Press Release.  In fact I might have been a little late.  Depending on what time zone they go by.  If its by Hawaii time, then I think I just made it.  If not, then I was probably a little late.

I just hope I did the press release right since its a play off of our DMP.  & mine is still pretty much all wrong.  So I had a hard time with the press release too.  & I worked on it all this week, for hours every day or evening  & was still late or almost with it.

Well, maybe some time before the class is over, I’ll get into more of a routine or a better routine & be able to complete everything.  I just hate when I miss anything.  Then I beat myself up & feel like I’m missing out.

Thankfully I only missed a couple things so far.  But I don’t want to miss any more.  Hoping things will start working out better here real soon.  & if I can complete my DMP, I think that would help a lot.   Ok, rant over … lol!

I hope I have a good laugh when I look back & read this after I’ve gotten my DMP written correctly.  Or even a couple months or years later.  🙂

p.s.  If you’d like to read my Press Release there is a link at the top that says “Press Release” and that will take you right to it!  Thanks!


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