2nd Week of Master Keys Training


So here we are in the 2nd week of Master Keys Training.  & I gotta tell you that I’m still feeling overwhelmed.  I think its just been a big change for me.  But change can be good.  So hopefully soon I’ll be able to get into the swing of things.

I’ve been reading scroll 1, 3 times a day, the first 2 times in silence and the 3rd at night just before bed, out loud.   I’ve also been reading the Blueprint builder in the morning & again at night.  I think I forgot to mention that in my last post.

I’ve also been reading the weekly lesson & doing the workbook that goes along with it.  And I’m writing my 2nd blog post.  I almost wasn’t able to get back into my blog here.  My power went out & I lost all my bookmarks & tabs.  So I didn’t know how to get back in here.  But thankfully I figured it out.

We also filled out 2 index cards as per last Sunday’s webinar.  We were to pick a couple words from a list of 7 words.  I picked Autonomy and Liberty and we’re to put that at the top of our DMP & also on the index cards.   We also picked a chore we are to do by the following week, writing it on 1 of the cards and put a blue rectangle beside it.

On the other card we wrote for us to say “Do it now” 25 times in a row, 2 times a day so it reminds us to do the chore.  & we’re supposed to keep a look for blue & rectangles &/or blue rectangles through the week & link it back to the chore & our words we picked.  Even if we complete the chore we’re still supposed to read the cards but say we completed the chore ahead of time & be proud of it.

I’ve also been working on my DMP most of this week.   Rrrrrrrrr!  I’m not doing so great with that.  I’m just having a hard time trying to get the wording right.  I’m not sure why this is SO hard for me, but it is.  First, I’m not sure what to do or how to do it to make money.  So not knowing that makes it hard to write part of it.  And we have to write it in under 400 words.

I guess I never really sat down & thought about exactly what I want or how to get it before.  Which makes this class really awesome since its getting me to think about all of this.  Which is why I probably haven’t gotten anywhere with making any money yet, before this.  Or is at least part of it.  I’ve always put everyone’s needs & wants ahead of mine & just pushed mine aside.  So it seems a little odd to me to be thinking about myself for once.

With everything else that’s been going on this week(& there’s been a lot) & with having to do the work for this class, its been a pretty stressful week.  But its almost Friday & the weekend is almost here.  So hopefully this weekend & next week will be better.

I hope you had a good week.  If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below & I will get to them asap.

Thanks for reading my blog & have a great day!!!


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